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Harriet`s Brother Raises Funds for the Lighthouse Nursery

Harriet's brother Jonathan Gregory and his friend Thomas Smith, decided in June that they were going to run the Lichfield 10Km run and raise funds for the Lighthouse Nursery. Jonathan approached the Lighthouse nursery and told them that he wanted to help the nursery which Harriet attends twice a week,...
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The Dynamic Trio Raise Funds for Harriet

The Dynamic Trio strikes again to raise funds for the “ Help Harriet Trust fund”. Sarah Conway & Alex Alexander, together with Mandy Penbreigh themed their fund raising night as a babies and all dressed in romper suits and baby wear, which was a sight not to be missed. Pubs...
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Living with Harriet


In May 2009 the world as I knew it was turned upside down, nothing could have prepared me for the months of heart ache and pain ahead.

My daughter Harriet was meant to be our fifth and final child, everything seemed very normal leading up to the birth of my daughter, but things quickly went very wrong after she was born.

Doctors handed me our baby girl, but after only a short few minutes, they noticed that something was not right and quickly took her from my arms. Our little girl was struggling to breathe and started to go blue, the doctors were continually suctioning mucus from her nose and mouth, but she was still in distress.

My daughter was then rushed to the children`s intensive baby unit, the consultants were puzzled and were not able to tell me exactly what was wrong with her, or how long it would take to give me any answers. The only thing they knew for sure was that Harriet was unable to suck or swallow.

I felt very numb and found it hard to take in that there was something seriously wrong, as I looked at my daughter in the incubator, I could feel the tears running down my face, there was simply nothing I could do to help her.

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Paramedics Rush Harriet to QMC Hospital in Nottingham


It had been nearly three weeks since Harriet had her Gastrostomy operation at the Queen`s Medical Centre Hospital in Nottingham. The scars were starting to heal and Harriet looked alot better, now that her nasal gastric tube was no longer on her face.

A few days ago things looked as though they may take a turn for the worse, we noticed dark fluids, which looked like blood coming back through the Gastrostomy tube from Harriet`s stomach. We phoned the kite team at the Royal Derby Hospital and asked if they would come out and have a look at the feeding tube. A member of the kite team arrived an hour later, she had a look at the new Gastrostomy tube and told us that it was still healing, but assured us that it looked alright, although she was not familiar with the tube the surgeon had fitted in Nottingham.

The blood continued to back up the new feeding tube and on Sunday, we were concerned for Harriet`s well being and decided that Harriet really needed to see someone at hospital. We took Harriet to children`s Accident and Emergency at the Royal Derby Hospital. We explained that we were concerned about blood in feeding tube, but were told by a nurse that the doctors would not know how to deal with this. To our dismay, the nurse then told us to wait in a room full of children with chicken pox and we therefore decided that this was simply too dangerous for Harriet and had to take her home.

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Blend Salon Supports Help Harriet Appeal


On Friday May 18th, Blend Salon in Sadler Gate held a family fun day in order to Help Raise funds and awareness for Harriet Gregory.

Stylists from the salon offered free haircuts to members of the public, in return for donations that would go to the Help Harriet Trust fund.

Fund raising activities included a fancy dress competition, cake stall, face painting, hair art, nail painting a magician and raffle.


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