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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet's Car Seat

Harriet has been struggling with her current car seat as it will not recline enough, this in turn was causing her head to fall forward and either block off her tracheostomy or Harriet would start to excessively secrete, which was extremly dangerous when travelling in the car .

The occupational therapist at the Derby Children’s Hospital ask us to attend a specialist car seat fitting for Harriet whereby they would find a car seat that was not only comfortable, but also safe for Harriet .

We arrived at the hospital this afternoon and had a look at a few different specialist car seats that were available for Harriet`s needs and found one that seemed just right .

Once we were happy that Harriet would be comfortable in the chair, the special needs man asked if he could temporarily fit the seat in the car to make sure it was compatible with the car .  The car seat took a couple of minutes to fit and then we placed Harriet into the seat and we were really pleased that it was in the right position and that Harriet was safe and secure .

We asked how much the seat was and the special needs man told us that the seat would be just over £350 which included fitting .

The car seat is currently not in stock for another few weeks, which will give us a little more time to get the money in place for the seat .


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