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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet's Eye Examination

Harriet was booked in to see the eye specialist in the Derby Children’s hospital this morning, we were quite apprehensive considering all the bad news we seemed to keep getting regarding anything to do with Harriet`s medical condition and just wanted to know whether she could see or not .

The initial examination with the nurse had to be postponed to another day as Harriet was just too tired and would not wake up, the nurse then placed some eye drops into Harriet`s eyes and told us to go into waiting room .

Twenty minutes later we went through to see the consultant Mr. Holden, he seemed quite pleased that Harriet was sleeping as it made it easier for him to examine Harriet`s eyes . We asked him whether Harriet could see and he was unable to answer this question, but did say that Harriet`s nerves at the back of her eyes were intact .

Mr. Holden also said that it was difficult to predict the level of a babies eye sight at any one time and that regular eye tests were very important .


Mum and Dad

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