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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet's Face Tapes

Harriet`s Nasal Gastric Tube is once again causing her problems, the water proof Duoderm tape that holds her NG Tube onto her face has been getting wet with saliva and slowly lifting off her face . Once the tape gets wet then they have to be removed from her face and although these are removed carefully they still cause her face to bleed and risk infection .  

Harriet`s NG Tube is normally changed once a month to prevent any infection, a new tube is placed down Harriet`s nose into her stomach to enable her to feed and receive the medicines that help keep Harriet alive ,  but when Harriet gets poorly she produces more secretions, the tapes then have to be changed to keep her tube in place .

Harriet went to see one of the consultants at Derby Children`s Hospital over 3 months ago, Harriet was assessed by the consultant for her ongoing problems and overall development, this also  included ways to make her life and ours better .

We expressed our concerns to the consultant regarding Harriet`s NG Tube and said that we wanted Harriet  to have a Peg fitted into her stomach, as this would not only stop the problems with the face tapes causing her bleeding, but would also make her look more like our little girl .

There seems to be no urgency in getting Harriet in to be seen by the pediatric  surgeon  and therefore we will once again end up chasing the Hospital for an appointment, which in our opinion could have been avoided .

We have now contacted the Hospital to express our concerns regarding Harriet`s tube / Face Tapes and now await their reply .

Harriet's Car Seat
Harriet is seen by the Back Surgeon at QMC Notting...