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The latest news about Harriet
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Baby sitting Harriet

Times passed so quickly with lots of ups and downs and it’s been so long since Jason and Lesley have been out together.  Soon to change because Rachael and  I  baby sat last night and Harriet was wonderful.  Although we know what to do in emergencies we still feel a little nervous should anything happen.  We arrived at Jason’s about 7.30 and Mum and Dad  were  relaxed and ready for their long awaited night out.  We told them to try and stay out longer than previously as Harriet was in safe hands.

 Jonathan, Harriet’s older brother was staying with us....he is brilliant and so confident with really is wonderful to see.  Myles and Eve were there also so I went loaded with chocolates..Not that I should let Mum and Dad know...but Grandma’s can do that sort of thing..Well that my excuse any way. 

Harriet was well settled in her beautiful huge new cot surrounded by her toys and her little video was playing her favourite DVD.  She had just been fed and we felt quite relaxed.  Her monitors did give us a slight scare..But Jonathan soon found out that her heart beat dropped because  the  attachment on her little foot had come loose and was giving a false reading.

We only suctioned Harriet  twice  which considering we sat for four hours..that was brilliant ,we  thanked Harriet for her consideration..bless her.  Mum and Dad came back relaxed and happy..just having a few hours respite does a power of good....we are sitting again for Jason’s birthday in a couple of weeks and are really looking forward to it...just to be able to help in this situation is rewarding.

Grandma Penny

Harriet's New Pine Cot Bed Arrived