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The latest news about Harriet
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Construction of Harriet`s New Room begins


On May 28th 2011 the builders turned up with their digger and started the development on Harriet`s new room and the front drive.

There was very limited access to the rear of the property as the house had been extended in 2004 and the only access that would allow for machinery equipment, materials for trades personal to pass, was through our next door neighbours entry. We were very fortunate that we had a good relationship with our neighbour; she was extremely helpful and allowed materials to be delivered onto her front, machinery up the side of her house and allowed the work men to use her entry as main access point to our garden.

Initially when the builders looked at the access to the rear of the garden, they thought a digger would be out of the question given not only the narrow entry, but also the steep steps that the digger would need to climb up into our garden. The builders decided that they at least needed to try this option and given that they were using a small digger, to level off the front of the house for Harriet`s lift and driveway adaption this seemed a good time to try. After several attempts the digger was finally into the garden and the builders could start the footings for Harriet`s new room.

The builder started digging out the footings for Harriet`s room with the digger, this took just over three days and was timed just right for the building inspector to come and pass ready for the concrete.




It was a long run from the road to Harriet`s room foundations and rather than risk the concrete going off, a concrete lorry pump and main concrete lorry were ordered. The following day the two Lorries arrived, the large concrete pipes were sent down the long paths, straight into the footings and then the pumping of the concrete began. Within 40 minutes the foundations were at the correct level and the concrete was left to set over night.




The drains and the main brickwork for the base of the building were then constructed, the building inspector passed these and the concrete Lorries returned to pump more concrete into the building to form the main base.



Over the course of the next few weeks the main brickwork and block work of Harriet`s building was constructed up to roof height. We could now see what the building was going to look like and where Harriet`s cot and machines would go in the rooms.






The structural architect had to make some final adjustments to the roof design, to take into account the hoist system that would be used to lift Harriet from her cot into the bathroom.



A week later all the materials for the roof arrived and the joiner set to the task of building the roof, the joists were extremely large and looked as though they had simply been chopped down from a large forest and sent straight to the house . The joiner made short work of the complicated roofing structure and within three days, he had built the roof, which was now ready for tiling.

The main part of our house was now starting to get quite dark, the roof to Harriet`s main bedroom and bathroom areas was now a dominating feature and we knew that it would only get darker once the roofing felt started to go on .

Another lorry arrived with all the materials for the roof, the builder returned and then started to lat, felt and then tile the roof, the rear kitchen of the house seemed to get darker and darker, but we knew that the scaffolding was having an impact on this and hoped that it would be much brighter once this was removed. A week later the roof was completed, a sun pipe had been fitted to the roof, which allowed for natural sun light to be pumped into the lobby area of the new building, the scaffolding had now been taken down and the rear of the house was much brighter.



All the windows and doors were fitted to Harriet`s , bedroom, bathroom and lobby area, the building was now starting to look as though it had always been here, but primarily it was now water tight and the builder could now knock through to the main house .

As the builder started to remove the window that had once been the kitchen sink area looking out onto the garden, it seemed very strange that Harriet`s lobby area would now be part of the main house and we were now only weeks away from completion of the main building .

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Harriet moves into her New Room
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