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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet 999

Harriet had picked a cold and had been extremely hard to manage over the course of the last few days, her secretions had got to a point whereby we were suctioning our her Tracheostomy and nose every 15 minutes .
Harriet’s breathing had become very erratic, her chest had started to contract, her head was bobbing all over the place and Harriet was becoming more stressed with every hour that passed and therefore it was time to dial 999 for the ambulance . We made the call and were able to keep Harriet stable until the ambulance arrived ten minutes later, the ambulance crew rushed upstairs and after a couple of minutes decided that Harriet needed to get to the hospital .
We got into the ambulance and arrived at the Derby City Hospital about 15 minutes later, Harriet was rushed into the children’s accident and emergency, where a team of doctors were on call to get Harriet stable .   Harriet had a chest x-ray and the results came back clear and therefore after a few hours of us being in hospital it was decided that Harriet was able to go home although she still had a cold that we needed to keep on top of . 
Lesley got into the car with Harriet and then started screaming the suction is not working, Harriet was producing large amounts of secretions from her mouth and Tracheostomy and there was no way we could clear them .    Lesley ran straight back into the hospital with Harriet screaming help my baby and ran straight through to the crash department and started to suction her Tracheostomy , mouth and nose . Harriet`s tinge of blue started to fade and her oxygen levels started to become more stable as Lesley continued to suction . 
After 40 minutes we left the hospital for the second time and just wanted to get Harriet home and hooked up to her saturation monitor .
The following day Harriet was still struggling and we informed the kite team in the morning that Harrriet`s secretions were getting worse and that her breathing was unstable . The kite team said that we really needed to bring Harriet back to hospital and that they would inform the children’s accident and emergencies that we would be coming .
We did not go straight to the hospital as Harriet was sleeping and had become more stable . 
Harriet then woke from her sleep and had become even more stressed and agitated, she was constantly crying and would not calm down and therefore we had to dial 999 for another ambulance, again the ambulance and crew arrived within minutes and made a quick assessment that Harriet needed to go hospital .
On the way to hospital Harriet’s saturations started to drop, her heart rate was slowing and the oxygen levels in her blood had become life threatening . We arrived at the hospital within minutes and the registrar on call started to give Harriet a special nebulizer down her Tracheostomy that would open up her air ways as they had gone into a spasm due to Harriet working so hard to breath.
The team then found that there was something stuck at in Harriet’s Tracheostomy and were not sure whether to change the Tracheostomy or just try and clear the airway with catheters. One of the doctors then started to push a catheter down Harriet’s Tracheostomy and managed to clear it, although this did then cause Harriet to bleed from her throat as the doctor had gone down too far .
Harriet was then admitted the Dolphin ward at the children’s hospital and after an hour we went home to try and get some sleep .
The following day we returned to the hospital and Harriet was looking a lot better, her breathing was stable and the 24 hour care from the Dolphin team was working .
Harriet remained on the Dolphin ward until the Saturday and was then discharged from the ward, the team were great and said any problem bring her back .

Mum and Dad

Harriet's New Pine Cot Bed Arrived
Harriet returns to the QMC Nottingham