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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet is Rushed into the Royal Derby Hospital



It had only been a few weeks since Harriet had an assessment by her neurologist at the Queens Medical centre in Nottingham, he was very happy with Harriet`s progress and was pleased that she had not been admitted into hospital .

A matter of a few weeks on and we noticed that Harriet`s saturations levels started to change, the monitor was showing that Harriet had not only lower levels of oxygen in her blood, but her heart rate was significantly raised, which was very alarming .

We did not panick and thought that Harriet may be teething or had picked up a virus and therefore continued to care for Harriet in our usual way. As the day progressed we noticed that Harriet`s condition was starting to deteriorate and decided to do an emergency tracheostomy change in order to rule out that there was nothing blocking her air way.

The tracheostomy change was done and Harriet was still deteriorating, it was simply heart rendering to see Harriet in distress, there was nothing we could do and new that if we did not call the ambulance soon that Harriet may not make it to hospital.

We called the ambulance and within a few minutes the first paramedic was on seen, she asked about Harriet`s condition and helped us give Harriet nebulizers and oxygen to try and control Harriet`s breathing, but this was simply an uphill struggle and the second ambulance team arrived to collect Harriet.

All we could think about was getting Harriet to a safe place where they had the equipment and people that could help our little girl, the journey in the ambulance was very quick, but Harriet was still deterioate.



As we arrived at the Derby Royal hospital, Harriet was rushed into the emergency crash resuscitation room, where a team of people were waiting to help Harriet. They hooked Harriet up to their monitors and quickly saw that Harriet needed medication to try and stabilize her condition.

Harriet was given a special nebulizer to open up her airway, this increased Harriet`s heart rate even further and it was very scary to see Harriet in further discomfort. A needle was then inserted into Harriet`s foot, this would stay in place to give antibiotics and other medicines she desperately needed, this was directly into the vein and Harriet`s blood stream.

After several more tests and once the team were happy, Harriet was moved onto the children`s Dolphin intensive care unit, Harriet still looked in distress and we were both very fearful that something was going to happen to Harriet .

The first day on Dolphin seemed to be working, Harriet`s heart rate and oxygen levels, seemed to stabilize and the doctors seemed happy with Harriet`s progress, although they were not entirely sure what caused Harriet to have this set back.

On day two the doctors wanted to try and get Harriet onto a feeding regime and slowly introduced food and explained that this had to be done slowly as they did not want to put any pressure on Harriet`s diaphragm, as this could potentially put her heart rate back up .

Doctors will assess Harriet today, to see if she is still making good progress.

We would like to say a Big Thank you to the Ilkeston ambulance team for arriving so quickly and all those at the Derby Royal hospital, who quickly attended and cared for Harriet .

Mum and Dad

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