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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet had been feeling poorly over the course of the last couple of days, but seemed to calm when she was sleeping, but at this morning we had to call 999 for an ambulance as Harriet`s oxygen levels started to fall to dangerous levels and her breathing became very erratic.

The ambulance arrived within 5 minutes, Harriet was made comfortable by the crew and then she was taken to the Derby City Hospital .We arrived within  15   minutes and Harriet was seen by the doctors in accident and emergency, who said Harriet,  needed to be admitted to the children’s Intensive care Unit also known as the Dolphin ward .

Harriet had experienced similar breathing problems in December and was admitted to the Dolphin ward and therefore we had a good idea as to what the team had install for Harriet .   

Harriet went onto the Dolphin ward at about; she was wired up to monitoring equipment and given oxygen and nebulizers to help stabilize her condition .   Harriet`s breathing was extremely erratic most of the day, but we started to see some improvement around late afternoon .  

We were told by the doctors that Harriet had probably picked up a respiratory infection and would need to stay on the Dolphin ward for the next couple of days for treatment and to be observed by the team.

Harriet was due to be admitted to the children`s hospital on the Monday 15th march for secretion medicine, the consultant said that due to her blocking off in hospital previously when prescribed a low dose of glycol, that it was safer if Harriet was given a low dose of glycol in a controlled environment where there were people to help should Harriet start to have problems while on the medicine .

We have now been told that Harriet will only be given the medicine to help with her secretions once she is back to her normal self and that doctors will assess her condition tomorrow .


Mum and Dad

Harriet is seen by the Genetics Clinic Nottingham