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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet visits the Gastrostomy Surgeon at the QMC

Harriet had been referred to see the Gastrostomy surgeon at the Queen Medical Centre in Nottingham, as her consultants were concerned that the nasal gastric tube that was feeding Harriet feed and medicines may start to cause problems with her breathing.

The appointment came through within a few months and although we were both very anxious about going to see the surgeon, we knew that it was something we had to do in order to find out whether this would help Harriet in the long term.

We arrived at the QMC, just before 10.00 am and made our way to the children`s outpatient area at the hospital, the nurse booked Harriet in and then took her measurements and weight.

After a few minutes we were called into see the Mr. Singh, who was the consultant surgeon for this type of procedure. He asked how Harriet was and whether she had developed any further problems.

We told Mr. Singh that although Harriet was very complex and had ongoing neurological problems, that she was currently stable and happy within herself.

The surgeon took on board what we had said and then started to go through Harriet`s notes, he looked up the PH test Harriet had previously had on ward E-39 and told us that it was slightly raised and therefore may cause problems if this operation was to go ahead .

Mr. Singh told us that the Gastrostomy operation had its own risks as with any operation, but had to make us aware that due to Harriet`s overall condition, that she would be classed as a very high risk candidate, not just because of the operation, but the anaesthetic used to put her to sleep had large risk factors .

We were obviously concerned and told the surgeon that we did not want to put Harriet in for any type of operation ,unless  it was life saving or would give Harriet a better quality of life .

Mr. Singh once again took onboard what we were saying and then went on to say that if we were happy with the current Nasal gastric tube, then in his opinion there was no need to change it, as both the nasal gastric tube and the Gastrostomy feeding tube, both had their own problems.

One of Mr Singh colleagues came into the room, he asked her to give her opinion on a Gastrostomy on Harriet and what the advantages and disadvantages were. The lady surgeon came to the same conclusion as Mr. Singh and told us that if we were happy with the Nasal Gastric tube, then we may as well continue with this.

Mr. Singh said that he would not rule out a Gastrostomy operation altogether, but if we were happy to continue with the current Nasal gastric tube, then her would update Harriet`s file to reflect this.

As we walked out of the surgeon`s room, we both smiled and were very happy that Harriet was no going for this operation.

Harriet will be 2 years old on 26th May 2011 and we are all looking forward to celebrating her birthday.

Mum and Dad

Harriet`s 2nd Birthday
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