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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet`s Botulinum Injection


Harriet had been referred to Dr.Broderick at the Derby Children’s Hospital, for Botulinum injections to help relax the muscles in her right leg.

We initially had a consultation with Dr.Broderick last Thursday, she had a good look at Harriet and thought that the Botulinum injection would be beneficial and hopefully relax the muscles in Harriet`s right leg.

Dr. Broderick went over Harriet`s medical records to check for chest infections and anything that would cause concern, but was happy for Harriet to have the injection in her next clinic. There were some risks associated with the Botulinum injection that could potentially cause problems with a patient’s chest muscles and therefore given Harriet`s complex neurological condition it was decided that a lower dose would be given.

Dr.Broderick explained that we would normally have to wait a month for the injection, but had a clinic the following day and could give Harriet the Botulinum injection, if this is what we wanted to do.

Although we were both a little apprehensive about Harriet having the injection, we knew that it would really with physiotherapy, allow her to sit comfortably, relax and interact with us and the people at her nursery. The injection could potentially stop Harriet`s posture becoming dangerous to her overall development and therefore it was something that we needed to do.

We arrived at the Derby children`s hospital the following day with Harriet and then went onto the Ladybird ward. Harriet was given some local anaesthetic cream by the nurse to help prevent the pain from the needle going into the muscle; this was then left to take effect for about forty minutes.

Dr. Broderick arrived and asked us if we had read the literature on the injection and whether we had any questions or concerns, before she gave the injection to Harriet.

We were both happy for Harriet to have the injection and just wanted to get it over with and take Harriet home.

Dr.Broderick measured out the Botulinum Toxin and then gave Harriet the injection directly into the muscle in her right leg, Harriet was a little upset, but calmed down relatively quickly.

We were told that the injection would take about ten days before we saw any significant difference in Harriet`s leg and that if things went alright, that the dose could be increased when the next injection was due in three months time.

After about twenty minutes Harriet seemed to have no visible side effects and we were allowed to take her home.

Harriet seemed to have no side effects for the first few days, but then developed breathing problems, which we thought were associated with the Botulinum injection. We had to call the emergency doctor out to the house at in the morning, due to Harriet being in respiratory distress. The doctor did not feel the injection caused the problems Harriet was experiencing and told us that if she did not stabilize or got any worse, then we must take her to accident and emergency.

The following day we called the Park Medical surgery and asked if they could send out a doctor to look at Harriet, as we were concerned she may have a chest infection.

A few hours later Dr.Keeling came out to look at Harriet, he also felt that she had a chest infection and prescribed some strong antibiotics. Dr. Keeling told us that we needed to keep a good eye on Harriet and the saturation monitor and if Harriet started to decline, and then we must take her to the hospital.

We really do not want Harriet to go into hospital if we can help it, given that she may pick up a different type of virus with her immune system being so low.

Harriet is currently on oxygen, regular nebulizers and antibiotics, all of which are slowly starting to stabilize Harriet`s respiratory system.

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