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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet`s First Day at Nursery


As our other children started to return to school, we were now preparing for Harriet to take her first steps on the learning ladder .

Months of planning and preparation from health care professionals was needed to make this possible, as Harriet is a very complex little girl who has alot of medical needs .

We took Harriet this morning to the lighthouse nursery, who look after children that are disabled and have special needs .

Harriet joined the circle of friends at the nursery, while the teachers sung the “Hello” song to each of the five children individually . The teachers then started to try and establish what Harriet liked to do and introduced different types of switch toys .

As the morning progressed Harriet went into the sensory room and was introduced to an array of different types of sensory lighting .

At midday it was time for Harriet to come home, she seemed to enjoy the morning and will return to the nursery tomorrow morning for a few more hours .

Mum and Dad

Harriet`s Step Lift and Tracking Hoist arrive
Harriet moves into her New Room