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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet`s mold for new wheelchair

Harriet had been really struggling to get out of the house for hospital visits since her spinal operation in September last year as her seating in the car was simply not suitable for her any longer.

We had seen specialists at the Derby wheelchair services, back  in August  2010 about the possibility of Harriet having an adapted bespoke pushchair or some form of wheelchair, but at that time they were unable to help us as Harriet`s spine was severely curved.  The wheel chair services did say that at some point we would need to think about changing our car for one that had wheelchair access.

Over the Christmas period we decided to look for a car that was geared towards disabled children and had wheelchair access, there were simply lots of different types of vehicles, but all were extremely expensive.

After lots of research we found the ideal vehicle at the Jubilee Automotive Group, the company specialise in disabled vehicles and had a modified Renault traffic sport, it had the ramp, the wheel chair fastening points, the space and an electric point for charging Harriet`s suction machine while travelling .

The vehicle was alot of money, but all we cared about was giving Harriet and the rest of the family a better quality of life, we sold our family car and took out a loan to purchase the vehicle.

It was great to get the new vehicle, it was very large and took some getting used too driving, but it was definitely worth the wait and now  really wanted to see Harriet inside.

After postponing several appointments at the wheelchair services, we were finally able to go and get Harriet molded for a bespoke wheel chair.

We arrived just before 10.00 am this morning, Harriet had been a little poorly and the fact that we were not able to fasten her into the car had worried us, but we were glad we had finally made the appointment.

After some initial questions about Harriet and what our requirements were, Harriet was placed into a bean bag type mould, which was shaped to her body form in order to keep her inline and comfortable when travelling in the car. It took about 35 minutes for the technician to create the mould and then we were able to take Harriet out and place her back into her push chair.

We then chose the type of pushchair/wheel chair, that would not only hold Harriet, but also all her medical equipment.

The people from the wheel chair services were great, they told us that they would now make the mould for Harriet`s travel system and that we should be able to take delivery in about 4 weeks.

It was a relief to now know that Harriet would not only be travelling in safety once this arrived, but she would be comfortable.


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