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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet's New Pine Cot Bed Arrived

We had been struggling to look after Harriet over the course of the last few months due to her cot being  so   low, leaning into the cot to suction her or give her oxygen was taking a strain on our backs and therefore  when one of the members of the Derby City Hospital kite team, said that we may qualify for funding for an Electric cot we were very excited .

Three months passed and our backs were really starting to play up and then we got the call from the kite Team lady to say everything had been approved and the cot had been ordered .  

The Cot arrived on December 16th ,we  waited downstairs while the two delivery men set it up and then went upstairs to have a look at Harriet’s new Cot . 

The Cot  looked   Great, but at over 220cm it was larger than our double bed and made a real impact on our bedroom .

We adjusted Harriet’s new cot bed to a good tilt and then placed Harriet in it, she looked very small but at the same time she was also very comfortable .  

The bed adjusts up and down and therefore there is no more leaning over, it also has settings to tilt on a slope, which really helps Harriet’s lungs to drain and keep her saturations stable . 

We would like to say a Big Thank you to all those at the Derby City Hospital that helped raise the funding and chased this through for us ,  especially Rebecca  from the Kite Team .

Harriet is very happy !!  

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