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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet`s Spinal Rod Opens Healing Wound

Harriet had become very restless over the course of the last few days and we were finding it extremely hard to make her comfortable, we were just not sure why Harriet was displaying these new symptoms  of  stress and pain .

It was not until Harriet had her bath tonight did we realize the true extent of pain Harriet had been experiencing over the course of the last few days. One of the rods that was put into her back during the 11 hour scoliosis surgery to straighten her spine, had pierced through her skin and had opened up the top part of Harriet`s Surgery scar .

We were both devastated that the rod was pushing through her skin and called the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, to find out what we needed to do.

One of the spinal surgeons at the Queens Medical Centre asked us to come to the children`s accident and emergency as soon as possible, as he was fearful that Harriet`s wound would be open to infection and that her rod may cause further damage to her spine or scar.

We arrived at the Queens Medical Hospital just after 7pm, Harriet was checked in, all her observations were done and then the surgeon was bleeped to come and see her.

The surgeon pulled back Harriet`s shirt and had a good look at the tear in her skin, he was concerned that Harriet may contract an infection from the open wound and took some swabs to make sure that there were no bugs present that could possibly cause infection or stop the wound from healing . He told us that the rod had not come all the way through Harriet`s skin, but was rubbing against the muscle and tissues in her spine, which were causing the wound to open.

We were obviously concerned that Harriet may have to stay in hospital and therefore asked the surgeon whether Harriet could come home.

The surgeon was happy for Harriet to come home as long as we only positioned Harriet in certain positions that would not put any further pressure on her spine.

Harriet had her wound dressed and we were told that she would need to come back into the Queens Medical Centre on Monday, to see her consultant Spinal Surgeon -  Mr. Michael Grevitt .

As we left the hospital we realized that we would now have to make sure that Harriet was not moved around the house unless it was absolutely necessary and the normal day to day tasks, which included sitting up and having  a  bath would need to be put on hold until the consultant surgeon looked at Harriet on Monday .

It now seems more important than ever before, to raise the funds for  Harriet`s room downstairs and stop any further problems that may occur from moving Harriet in and out the bath and up and down the stairs .


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