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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet's Third physiotherapy session


We returned to the Derby City Hospital today to see the Physiotherapist to try and move forward with a programme for Harriet as her back was getting worse which was having an effect on her breathing .

The physiotherapist started the session slowly as Harriet secretions were quite bad  and required regular suction for the first 20 minutes .

Once Harriet had settled the physiotherapist was able to show us new positions that we could work with at home using the squiggle mat .

After the session had finished we had to see Harriet consultant ,  Dr Shiva Shankar, he asked us how Harriet’s was getting on at home and whether we had been experiencing any problems .  

The consultant was very pleased that Harriet had put on some weight and was now starting to catch up in terms of her overall size for her age .  Mr Shankar examined Harriet as he normally does and also checked her for a suck or swallow reflex and found that something had changed, but he told us to not get to excited as her was unable to determine what had changed if anything .

Mum and Dad

Baby sitting Harriet
Harriet's second physiotherapy session