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The latest news about Harriet
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Harriet`s weekend as a Princess

After a great fundraising Easter weekend throughout Spondon village last week, which raised over £1000, we were asked by  the Bartlewood lodge in Ockbrook if they could help raise some funds for Harriet`s Trust .

With the Royal wedding being a well awaited celebration of this year, we were asked if Harriet would like to be the princess of Barltewood lodge for three days.

Although Harriet is now able to visit quiet parks and regular hospital visits, she has never been to a public restaurant as we simply do not want to put Harriet in a position where she is unable to cope with too many people in a small environment.

We decided that as the weather was still warm and that Harriet was well in herself that it would be a nice thing for Harriet to see other children and possibly interact in a friendly environment.

The princess dress was purchased and Harriet was driven to Bartlewood, we chose 4pm in the afternoon as we knew this was a quiet period and Harriet would find it easier to cope.

Harriet`s Grandma Penny, mum Lesley and sister Evelyn, were met by the assistant manager of Bartlewood, Tom Bignall and a member of staff.

Harriet in the middle, with assistant manage Tom Bignall and two new friends either side of her pushchair .

Harriet spent a short time in the restaurant where members of staff were very pleased to meet Harriet, after hearing all about her story in the media and Harriet`s website .

Tom took Harriet and the family into the garden area, to show where further fund raising events were being held, which included a cake stall, toy stalls, face painting and array of other activities.

Harriet also spent some time with some children that were enjoying the entertainment, before she had to go home for her feed and medicines.

Harriet`s sister Evelyn was also able to enjoy her time at Bartlewood and managed to get her face painted before we came home

Over the course of the weekend there will be a summer fayre in the garden, followed by a Royal quiz on the Friday. Then on Saturday the fundraising will continue with an all day karaoke and speed dating event. Sunday will continue with further events that will be announced over the course of the weekend.

If you would like to go along to the event, but are not quite sure how to get there please CLICK HERE

We would like to say a big thank you to Tom and all the staff at Bartlewood lodge, for making Harriet and the family welcome and wish you all the best in fundraising over the course of the weekend .

Mum and Dad

Bartlewood Lodge Fundraiser for Harriet
House alterations for Harriet`s new room