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The latest news about Harriet
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Help Harriet Bike Event Liverpool

The National Appeal featured in both National, Local Press and Television for help to save the life of a little girl in Derbyshire touched the hearts of the children of Our Lady of Compassion Formby  in Liverpool. 

Harriet Gregory of Spondon Derby was born unable to suck or swallow sixteen months ago and also developed a severe spine disorder.  She recently underwent 11 hours surgery to help correct this and is at the moment in intensive care at the Queens Medical Centre Nottingham. 

Harriet has undergone many tests and examinations throughout the Uk and has been seen by three of the best hospitals including Great Ormond Street in London.

Blood samples have been sent as far as America to try and determine what is wrong with Harriet.  She has a disease with no name and the rare brain disorder has baffled the medical profession across the globe. 

Trust Fund has been set up to raise money for a specialised room to be built onto the house for the life saving equipment which keeps Harriet alive. The Trust will also pay for Private Physiotherapy, Vital Medical Services, Research, Transportation Costs and many other things that will Help to give Harriet a better quality of life .

Jamie,  Alex , Stuart and friends Jude, Sean, Sophie and Ryan organized a 7 mile bike ride on Saturday September 18th sponsored by friends family and teachers from Formby Liverpool, raised a staggering £200 towards the fund.


Thanks Jamie, Alex, Stuart and friends Jude, Sean, Sophie and Ryan for your support and hard work.

You can also support HARRIET by taking part in sponsored events like a Marathon, Walking, Music Event, Parachute Jump, Car Boot, Quiz Night or anything you feel you could do to Help Harriet.

If you would like to discuss how you can raise money for the HELP HARRIET TRUST, please contact Penny Murphy    or click on the DONATE  button at the top of any of the pages on Harriet`s website .


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